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Your confidentiality is very crucial to Aventura. For that reason, this information would describe to you how Aventura deals with any personal details that we gather and obtain. By presenting your personally exclusive information to us you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy

The Details We Gather

Aventura obtains and gathers details from a range of varied sources during the duration of our association with customers and the public at large. This policy is applicable to all the details we gather on any Aventura website that is not available otherwise in public. These sources comprise of:

The Scientific Process Followed for Conversion Rate Optimization:

Third Party Sharing

Aventura reserves the right to mail you about Aventura's digital online marketing solutions, and few third party services, relevant to your association with Aventura, without offering you the choice to opt out.

How We Protect Our Information

External Back Links

Aventura has no check or influence over the third party website's privacy policy whose links appear on our website(s). You should review the privacy policy of these websites to know what information or details they gather from you.

Safeguard for Minors

Safeguard for minors is very essential for Aventura and our solutions or services are not developed or planned to be used by someone who is a minor. Aventura does not gather or keep any details for any user who we know to be below the age of 18 years.

Accessing or Revising Personal Details

We request all customers to ascertain themselves prior to any detail that can be used, revised or deleted and in some cases, we might turn down to carry out requests that are unnecessary or need inconsistent technical tasks.

Email Opt-Out

Aventura's customers might opt-out of getting emails from Aventura by going by the un-subscription details that are given in the emails.

Privacy Policy Renewals

Aventura renews and updates its privacy policy at regular intervals without giving you prior notice. Please check our privacy policy to keep yourself updated about any alterations made to our existing Privacy Policies. Every version of this policy would comprise of an applicable date. Although, your prolonged use of Aventura services works as your agreement to our present policy.


Do you have any queries about the policy, please write to us at info@aventurainfotech.com

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